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Eli is a man of nobility turned assassin after avenging his brother's murder. After discovering that he drew pleasure from it, he now kills for his own enjoyment and for the pay, which is notably good. A sniper by trade, Eli came to be an assassin when he was approached with work after achieving his vengeance. Played by JP, it is unknown how he will be played at this point.

Other Notable Traits & ItemsEdit


  1. Phrix Pilgrim is a liability, not an asset. (Eli does not trust Psykers)
  2. Engelbart Kappa owes Eli his life, whether he admits it or not.

Key EventsEdit


Eli's brother was murdered an unknown amount of time before he met Inquisitor Hadrax Ishmael Ignacio Jacobim IV, and he subsequently hunted his killer down and took vengeance. As a result of this, he discovered that he enjoys the hunt and assassinating targets, so remained doing this up to the present. He met the Inquisitor due to his own curiosity and was placed in a group with the other party members after getting to know the man.

When he failed to kill a high-ranking official, he pursued the man to Samson IV and has since become wary of who might be helping him or what power he may have.

Upon joining the Inquistion, his Emperor's tarot was read by a scholar Imperian. The divination predicted that he had the chance to go berserk in combat.


  • Of average height and build and wearing his black hair long, he is nothing unusual, which may be useful for the work of an assassin. An easy-going sort of man, he likes to keep his profession a secret.
  • Eli does not typically need a reason to kill, making him desirable to prospective buyers due to his impartial techniques.
  • Eli desires money, not fame, and would not sacrifice his life for the Inquisition. He does not possess money as his family essentially abandoned him as he fell from grace.
  • Although he is a freelance assassin, not constrained by an order or death cult, he has managed to receive and complete almost all contracts that have gone his way.

Notable Equipment ChronologyEdit

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

Week 1:

  • Winning a sharpshooting competition
  • Shoving a grenade in the mouth of a Servitor
  • 1 for 20 in close combat attacks

Notable Eli/JP QuotesEdit

Week 1Edit

  • "Why this is a Black body-glove sir"
  • "That sounds like a good enough reason Phrix don't fucking do anything!" - On learning that the mutant may be a Genestealer hybrid.
  • "I'm still freaked out from when Phrix was in my room"
  • "Oh look at that you're open again!"