The below is a list of minor characters listed by the week they appear or are heard of by Jaxx Rommulous, Eli, Phrix Pilgrim and Engelbart Kappa. Any emboldened and italicised names are ones that are being considered for a page of their own.

Week 1Edit


An arbiter acquaintance of Jaxx's. He approached Jaxx to ask him if he would be attending the shooting competition. He acted strangely nervous and was seemingly intimidated by Jaxx, which isn't at all unlikely.


A competitor of the shooting competition who rivalled Jaxx. She horrifically missed her shot and blew open the ribcage of a nearby vendor. Nobody particularly cared.

Chet HelmsworthyEdit

A big bruiser of a man who fought against Yurak Monselis in the melee competition. He wielded a shock stick as per the rules, and won the fight with a single blow after exchanging parries and blocks for a reasonable length of time. Chet has a lover, but her name is unknown.

Yurak MonselisEdit

A chunky dockworker who participated in the melee competition against Chet Helmsworthy. He also wielded a shock stick as per the rules, and had a heated fight until he was defeated by a single blow from Chet. He was responsible for the Samsonite smuggling and worked on Dock 47, where he drove the operation.