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In the Name of the Emperor, Rollplay!

Once the show actually begins, this space will be filled! For now, we can only say that the show is technically the sequel for the popular twitch tv D&D series, 'Rollplay', also run by JP. Follow the party, consisting of four acolytes; Jaxx Rommulous, Eli, Engelbart Kappa and Phrix Pilgrim, as they travel through Imperial Space and bring forth the shadows of the warp and the dark heresy that roils under the surface of the, supposedly, stalwart Imperium.

The new show is running with four players; JP McDaniel, John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain, Marcus 'djWHEAT' Graham and Geoff 'InControl' Robinson. The show is GMed by Steven Lumpkin, a veteran of the game. The game is using the tabletop rpg 'Dark Heresy', which is set in the WH40K universe.

The purpose of this wiki is to pull together any and all lore into a convenient and reliable resource for viewers, game masters and players alike. Anyone can help to build it up so feel free to edit or add pages to help it grow!

Keep track of the story using the characters on the Notable Figures page.


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